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Comparing Retirement Over Time

I have some retirement data. Some employees are eligible to retire and are coded as such, NOW, OPTNL, or RD MI. I have a column that identifies if the employee can retire under any of these three conditions at three time points: Now, 1 Year from now, and 3 Years from now. I wanted to compare these figures for each program area we have. Our program areas are akin to a department in a company. It is supposed to replace a graphic initially created in Excel.

I put the COUNT for NOW and 3 YEARS in the VALUES section and the program area (DAS) in the AXIS section. But my graph shows the same numbers for both. I feel like I’m missing something.


Data Exercise 1.pbix (254.1 KB) Retirement File data.xlsx (688.8 KB)

Hi @talk2gwhite,

So instead of dragging fields in the values section of the clustered column chart, use measures.

With a basic pattern like this you can count the rows in the table that are not empty.

Now = 

I hope this is helpful.

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This is awesome! I didn’t think I needed to create anything with it being so simple. I’ve watched the UBG to Power BI and the UBG to DAX, but I have no instincts around this as of yet. Thank you for your patience and assistance!

I bet everyone who’s read your post is nodding knowingly, since we’ve all been there. You watch the videos and think “seems pretty straightforward”, but when you sit down to do it yourself, you realize it doesn’t seem straightforward at all. The only remedy to this is practice, practice and more practice. That intuition will come steadily over time. And when you get stuck, just give a shout on the forum - tons of super talented folks here eager to help.

Good luck, and enjoy the journey.

  • Brian

In addition to what Brian said just want to mention that DAX requires a shift in the mindset. You have to sit back and think a lot first before writing anything, it is basically like solving a Rubik’s cube.


You are so right. This forum is one of the primary reasons I signed up for EntDNA!

This is humbling. I’m not accustomed to not knowing how to do stuff at this age/stage.