Comparing Actual Results To Yearly Budgets Cumulatively in Power BI w/DAX

Hi All,

I’ve struggling to implement a yearly budget/target accross the whole year.
The video section you’ve uploaded is a great intro and I’ve followed it to the letter, but it’s based on sales data for every day of the year, when I’m looking at sales that don’t happen every day so need to allocated the yearly budget across all the days regardless of whether there are results or not. Any idea how I would achieve this as I’ve been scratching my head for quite a while now and no solution is popping up.

Thanks in advance

If possible can you add images of the data model and formulas you are using.

The techniques you need to use won’t be very different from the examples.

To me it looks like your budget maybe has a date in it because you are only getting a result on one single day. You need to find a way to allocate that across every day.

It’s difficult to know what you need though without seeing more. Every scenario is different, so need to see what you’re looking at.


If possible can we being another thread also. That’s would be great. Thanks


Thanks for getting back to me.
Yes my budget (or target as I call it) has a year against it in the data model. I use this in the relationship table to link to the year in the date table. But I’m stuggling to spread that value into each day.
Does this help you understand:

Also, my relationship model:

Sorry Sam I don’t know what you mean by another thread? You want me to take this enquiry somewhere else?? Where?

Yep it just means starting a fresh forum topic on it.

I’ll see if I can do this my end

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