Combining multiple fact tables that are split into years


We have table views split up by years to hold the general ledger data. What would be more efficient, to get IT to do one view for all the data and then I use union or append or something else to combine the data in power query? Or is it better to keep it split and then I can untick Enable Load and Include in Report Refresh (for the views that are not the current year), as the data in those previous years will not change?



@meldon If you have the option for a View that’s the best thing to do, get them to append the tables in the View itself. In Power Query you will just need to apply a filter on the date on just one table.


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Thanks, I will get them to do that. Would there be any efficiency be if it to having them seperate though? Just out of curiosity.

@meldon Doing it in PowerQuery will be inefficient as when you append 2 tables this task needs to be done in Power Query, because PQ doesn’t know if 2 tables are comming from the same data source, maybe you have Excel and SQL, and for appending it will have to load the data in memory as the new query doesn’t get folded back to the database.

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