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Combining files from Sharepoint

I am getting the above error while trying to combine files from sharepoint, Is anyone else facing the same?

I have seen that many others are experiencing this as well, but is there any work around

Hi @Anu

This is caused due to 2 reasons, either your url is not correct or you’ve limited access.

Please refer the below steps:

I am able to connect to the sharepoint site, and I am able to see all the files in sharepoint.
But when I am filtering out the required folder and clicking the “Combine”(double arrow) button , I am getting this error, Could you please check as well , as many are facing the same issue, is it something to do with the latest version of pbi

Hi @Anu,

I will also try it on my laptop where I use the february version. In my organizational environment we don’t have that version yet, but it will be installed in days. If this version has an error in combining files from SharePoint, I will advise against the installation. Are there more users of this forum with many SharePoint solutions like described above within their organisations? If so please check it too please if you find the time. :slight_smile:


I am not sure though if it is something to do with the version of PBI

It was a problem with the February update. I installed the Dec version and its working fine

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Does anyone know if this is fixed in March update?

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