Circular Dependancy Error

Hi guys!

Hope you guys can help me out here, I run into an error while trying to connect my Dates Table and my Income Statement Data.

I attached the PBIX file for reference.

Example Data.pbix (319.4 KB)

Thanks for the help and have a nice Sunday!


A lot of your calculated tables already depend on Dates and then you are trying to create a relationship between Dates and ISD(which depends on Calculated Tables that further depend on dates ) so you are creating a loop between Dates and ISD and Calculated Tables. I would say this this is a bad data model since it has so many Calculated Tables based on measures so keeping a track of where something goes wrong is really difficult.

I see you are doing UNION with DAX, you should do this with M instead, once a new column comes into any table you will have a hard time identifying what went wrong.

Hi @Yeriel

As @AntrikshSharma said there are dependencies on these tables. You’ve to design a good data model.

Here is my temp solution. Create a bridge table between dates and Income statement Data

Example Data.pbix (321.0 KB)

Thanks for the feedback @AntrikshSharma and @Rajesh.

You guys are right, this was one of my first models I created but if I want to build a good data model, I need to start all over.

I appreciate your time and support.

Have a nice start of the week!