Checkbox in dropdown

I am using the latest power bi version.
The online video for Customer Deep Dive has customer names into a dropdown filter with checkboxes options… If you select the items, you see the tick inside the checkbox. The tick has white background inside the black check box…
But in my latest version of the power bi, if I select the checkbox, I do not see the tick. It fills the box with black in the dropdown.
How is it possible I get the tick inside the dropdown as same as the video?

Thank you


It is a known issue by Power BI. I created a support ticket a while back, and they said they would notify me once it is fixed. I’ll reply back to support and get an update.

Here is a copy of the original email:

Here is what issue I was talking about. Very hard to see checkbox that is check in dropdown slicers when you have a dark background:

If you have your slicer setup the correct way that @Heather describes below, then what I have described above is true. Let us know if you need anything else.


had to read this through a couple of times to understand what you were looking for, so I’m going to include a screenshot to make SURE I’ve got it right…

This filter has “Multi-Select with CTRL” turned on in the selection controls area:

While this filter has “Multi-select with CTRL” turn off in the selection controls area:

so basically - how do you want your user to interact with the filters?

and after re-reading, I see you were talking about drop-downs, that same logic carries over into the drop-down,

if multi-select requires the CTRL key, you see this:

and if you have that turned off, you see this: