Check out the Enterprise DNA Knowledge Base

Have you tried the re-imagined DAX formula reference guide within our Knowledge Base? Check it out and let me know what you think.

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I am trying to look into Custom Visuals from Knowledge Base and it is prompting for credentials and no place to register as well. Is this not membership login?

There’s no need to enter any details. Currently it’s available for public viewing.

I just checked it out myself, and it is asking for login - to Wordpress.

I checked today as well and got the above login page.

Hi @Heather and @sunip,

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you’ll find a link to the Knowledge Base in the footer. I used it earlier without any issues. Did you use that link? If not, can you give it a try?


Yes, Go thru the link and try to click on one of the custom visuals and will be promoted for credentials

I’ll report it to the Enterprise DNA team so they can look into it.

Thanks for the quick reply @sunip

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Hi @sunip, I just checked the Knowledge Base and it’s working fine on our end. We’re trying to add a new functionality there but this should not prompt you to log in. I suggest trying another browser in case you haven’t yet.

I tried in both IE and Chrome and it is prompting as the above screen. This is specific only to Custom visuals under knowledge base.

agreed, this is not happening until you actually select one of the custom visuals to view, and then it prompts a login to Wordpress

We’ll look into this asap. Not sure what could be happening there

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