Chart based on Distance to analyze Customer satisfaction

Hi Experts,
I am attaching the PBIX file for with the data model.
Where i want to make a graph (scatter plot may be) based on flight distance to analyze satisfaction & Neutral or Dissatisfied of customers based on the length of the flight.
So if the flight distance is more and we have more unsatisfied customer we need to focus on seat comfort, leg room etc.

Please can you help me to achieve this.

airline_passenger_satisfaction.csv (12.3 MB)
Enan_Airline_Dashboard.pbix (2.3 MB)

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Hi @EnanBahadur - Your data is not suitable for Scatter plot as there are very few data points to Plot. Also, Scatter plot is created to plot against two measures, which are not available in your data.

Will suggest to go for table/Matrix/other visual to go for this analysis.

Ankit J

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