Challenge 18 OEE- Wrap up

Hello All,

I trust that you are keeping well!

Firstly, apologies for the delay in wrapping this challenge up it’s just been go go on all fronts at work and at home.

I hope you all enjoyed the summit last week, amazing work from all those involved. So much to take in and the breath of topics covered was just amazing so much to learn from.

Challenge 18 also didn’t fail to deliver and there were some epic entries on what was a tough dataset and topic.

The idea sharing, collaboration, encouragement, feedback and willingness to help each other is brilliant to see and truly resonates with what we at Enterprise believe is the best way to learn and develop.

The standard of work from everyone was amazing.

The challenge didn’t yield as many entries as usual which I think was down to the dataset and maybe complexity of the actual data, something we will take on board going into the future challenges.

We always try to ensure that the challenges are real life scenarios that you are likely to face in the working world and as such sometimes due to sensitivity and confidentiality data can become somewhat skewed when anonymising as mentioned above this is something we are looking to improve.

If any of you have any suggestions or feedback we are always keen to hear so please do let us know.

The winner

A massive congratulations to @Paul.Gerber an enterprise grade report produced that was aesthetically pleasing and covered all the basis. It was evident @Paul.Gerber has spent a lot of time in researching around OEE and producing a technically sound report. A big congratulations and a massive achievement to take a second challenge win! Well done @Paul.Gerber a great entry!


There were also some highly commended efforts from @hastewar22 and @davidcenna both excellent entries that both had some excellent analysis and some great use of navigation and design.



I also want to take a moment to appreciate the efforts of one @Rachwen_Mesbehi who after missing a few challenges delighted us with another masterpiece. Rachwen was excluded from the competition to stop any conflicts of interest given that he is a colleague of mine who has worked with me on OEE in the past year. However there is much to be taken from this report a truly excellent report that from experience is exactly what many enterprises would be looking to implement. Thank you @Rachwen_Mesbehi for sharing.


There was also a really cool exploration with a particular visual to display runtime and OEE from @paidcritic that is defo worth checking out. Thanks for sharing.

A massive well done to all participants. Truly appreciate the time you spend on creating these entries and sharing them with the community.

The challenge is all about you and enhancing your capabilities. if you have any ideas, concerns, issues or anything else you want to discuss then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If there is an idea or scenario that you would like to see posted then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Feel free to email for any queries or reach out to me personally on

Ok that’s enough from me.

Keep your eyes peeled for challenge 19 which will be released soon.

Take care and speak soon.


Enterprise DNA


Congratulations to @Paul.Gerber, such a superb report, congratulations also to @hastewar22 , @davidcenna & @Rachwen_Mesbehi for their superb entries too.

Thanks as always to @haroonali1000 and the EDNA team for running these challenges, so valuable whether you submit an entry or not.



Congratulations to @Paul.Gerber for an awesome report and the win. Great work by everyone involved!!


@haroonali1000 I am so very humbled by this. Was not expecting it!! Thank you to all that wished me congrats and I congratulate @hastewar22 , @davidcenna and @Rachwen_Mesbehi for their beautiful entries. I am definitely in the midst of great BI developers. Thank you @EnterpriseDNA again for a great challenge.


Thank you @Alvi

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Thank you @DavieJoe

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Wow! I was on calls/in meetings all day today and just checking the forum for the first time. First, congratulations to @Paul.Gerber for an outstanding report and a well-deserved win on a very challenging dataset.

It’s an attractive report with excellent navigation and some interesting wrinkles (very nice use of the new spark line feature) but also “lean and mean” in that it gets directly to the questions at the root of the original brief. I could definitely envision this report running on the iPad of a floor manager in this business.

What we lacked in quantity of submissions in this challenge, we definitely made up for in quality. Particularly liked the process illustrations in @hastewar22 's entry and the dynamic narrative in @davidcenna. Great to see @Rachwen_Mesbehi back in the challenge game with a typically gorgeous and innovative entry.

Well done, all! And big thanks to @haroonali1000 for a fascinating and highly relevant scenario.

  • Brian

Congrats @Paul.Gerber ! These reports are inspiring me to achieve this level of skill :grinning:
It is great to see what can be created with PBI !
@haroonali1000 or @BrianJ Will these reports be available from the showcase soon? I would like see how these skilled report authors tackled some of the challenges I faced when working on this challenge.


@darandavis ,

Absolutely. I’ll check with the team today and see when they anticipate having them posted in the Showcase.

  • Brian

Hello @haroonali1000

This has humbled me tremendously.

I hadn’t expected it!!

Thank you to everyone who wished me well, and I especially want to congratulate @Paul.Gerber @hastewar22, and @Rachwen Mesbehi on their outstanding entries.

I can attest we have the world’s best and most excellent business intelligence developers in this community.

Thank you once again, @EnterpriseDNA, for a great and impactful challenge.


Congrats @Paul.Gerber! And also congrats on the fantastic entries to @hastewar22 and @davidcenna.

Sorry to have missed this one, but looking forward to the next one.



@BrianJ Thank you very much. I enjoyed this one. It lived up to the its name…a challenge


Thank you @darandavis

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@darandavis ,

Three pieces of good news for folks who want to see how the top entrants in their Challenges work their magic:

  1. Challenge #17 winner @tweinzapfel is doing a webinar next week, walking through his awesome Environmental Indicators report from that challenge next week. I saw the draft video for that presentation last night and it’s excellent - I think viewers will learn a lot from the way he breaks down his report and does a series of deep dives into the most interesting components.

  2. Challenge #18 winner @Paul.Gerber has agreed to do a similar webinar for this entry. We are working on scheduling a future date for that one.

  3. Our long-awaited platform course in which seven of our experts do detailed walkthroughs of their favorite reports is scheduled for release in May 2022.

So, lots and lots of content coming that will help you understand exactly how these top entries are developed.

  • Brian

Congratulations @Paul.Gerber and to all the participants in this challenge.
See you in the next one !


It’s fantastic how these wonderful reports show the quality of Pbi experts around here. Congrats one more time to the winner @Paul.Gerber for this insightful masterpiece.
As a newbie in this forum I have no doubts I’ll be learning a lot from everyone.
Hope to overcome my fear of showcasing and make a submission on the next challenge.


@Josimar_Biosse welcome to the forum. As far as challenges, just go for it. That’s how we learn. You won’t know until you do it.

Thank you for the write-up as well.


Congratulations to the winner. Great work, @Paul.Gerber !
@Rachwen_Mesbehi, @hastewar22, your reports are so visually appealing to me. Well done, guys!

@haroonali1000, could you please share when the next challenge is going to be posted?


Hey @StaceyL …let us hear from the EDNA Head of Challenges Chief Wizard @FPastor on when the next challenge will be.


@DavieJoe We’re working on a number of improvements in the format and platform of the overall challenge but to keep our members entertain, we are launching our first challenge next week at some point.

I hope this is OK with you.