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Challenge 14 - Emergency Services Analytics

Hello FPastor:

I have a couple of questions regarding your Challenge 14 submission.

Please, only answer if and when you have some free time.

I’ve been deconstructing a few of the submissions to acquire knowledge in a few areas in which I have none. As far as your submission is concerned, my questions relate to the Matrix and Table on the Staff Performance page (see below).

  1. How did you size the cells in the Matrix? When I tried to duplicate the matrix, it’s much smaller than the matrix in your report. Did you use your measure “Cell Width”? I tried it, but had no success.

  2. In the table, you suppressed some of the column headers by removing, or blanking out, the names of the columns in the Values pane. Again, how did you do this?

Again, I don’t expect you to respond immediately. If you can find some time eventually, that would be great.


John Giles

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Hi John,

To your first question, yes I used the measure “Cell Width” to achieve the same cell size. There are a couple of videos on you tube to follow - quite simple but I recommend watching one these videos.

To your second question, I use this website and it zero-widthspace code. Copy to clipboard, click twice in the measure “Like you want to change its name” and paste the code.

I hope this helps and happy to help too.

F Pastor