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Card Visualizing one or multiple results

Hi everyone.

Thanks in advance for you help. I want to use a card visualization to show the result of my filter. My table shows two visualisation result while the card shows one. Is there a way to show both filtered result?
My data is something like this:
Organisation Local Authority
Office 1 Ashford
Office 2 Barnet
office 3 Corby
office 4 Harlow
office 5 Ashford
Office 6 Barnet

For example when I filter Ashford by local authority I want to get office 1 and office 5 name to appear on a card. And when I filter Corby I want to only get Office 3 on the card. When no local authority selected I want it blank.


There is a very cool trick I use to handle these sorts of situations, which combines CONCATENATEX with UNICHAR(10) (the nonprinting code for a hard return) to make a measure look like it is returning multiple results, when in fact it is returning a scalar. The link below has a number of posts where I explain how to do this.

If you still have questions, please post some sample data in a PBIX file along with a mockup of the specific results you want to see, and I’ll be happy to put together a more specific response.

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

Card sort.pbix (24.3 KB)

Hi Brian
Thanks for you quick response. I have attached a PBIX.
The result I want to see is a card showing similar result from the table


Thanks for the file – this should do the trick for you:

Org Card =

    [Harvest Locations] = BLANK(),
            UNICHAR( 10 ),
        FILTER( Products, Products[Loactions] = [Harvest Locations] )




I hope this is helpful. Full solution file attached.

– Brian
eDNA Forum -Card sort. solution.pbix (25.7 KB)

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Thanks Brain you awesome.

This is really helpful. Although When I applied it to my dataset it did not work as excepted. its duplicating only the first name. Still trying to understand why.


Hmmm…try making the following tweak to the measure and see if this solves your problem:

If not, please upload a copy of your PBIX file so that I can look at your data model and full filter context and see what’s going on. If the PBIX contains sensitive data, here’s a video I put together with simple techniques for masking confidential information so that it can be posted to the forum:


  • Brian

Thanks Brian. You most helpful.