Can you dynamically rename a measure based on slicer?

I have a measure setup that I can select a slicer value and quickly change what metric is displayed in my visuals.

Example, I can select Order Quantity, Order $, Order Proffit, ETC. Dax for selection is below.

How can I dynamically rename a visual to display “Metric ABC” instead of always just showing “Selected Value”

Selected Value =
SELECTEDVALUE ( ‘Measurechoice’[Index] ),
1, [MetricABC],
2, [MetricDEF],
3, [MetricGHI],
4, [MetricJKL],
5, [MetricMNO],

Hi @Despo,

Would be nice but no that is not possible for axis, column names and the likes. A Title for example allows conditional formatting so that would be possible but I’m guessing that is not the issue here…

However you are already showing what measure is being selected in the Slicer so maybe placing that more prominent on the page, formatting it as a drop down or perhaps adding a Card visual will help the user understand what value they are seeing.

One trick I have used is a conditional title for the visual? With a measure like:


Thank you for the reply, this works for most cases, but I was really trying to explore the space saving capabilities of a bookmark slicer panel that I can show/hide. We all know how precious that Power BI real estate is! lol.