Can the forum threads be used to organise/store code snippets?


Hi Sam,

is it possible to create a forum specifically for code snippets?

For both Dax & M - often you sort of know what you need to do, but just need a reference to get the syntax right can refer to a popular patterns that just need to be tweaked to suit your needs?

Would be cool to accumulate them all in one place, so you can just look them up.



Hi Brendon,

Right now I’m looking to make just that update.

For full announcement see here -

The main part about the updates happening now is the indexing of all videos.

You’ll see here in the forum there is search functionality

Every single video across the school courses (this includes all youtube videos also) will be indexes in the forum.

So you will be able to type a pattern, function, logic into the search bar and then you should find an answer to what you need.

I have huge plans for more content in the next 12-24 months, so expect nearly any Power BI concept or technique to be covered in some way. I believe this will be the most effective way to navigate towards what you need in the future.

Any other thoughts or ideas let me know.