Call Center Insights w/Power BI - latest member only event happening this week

Just a quick reminder we have another Scenario Method (members only) event happening this week.

We will be covering a call center data scenario.

Don’t miss this one, especially if this is relevant to your own job role. Even if it isn’t you’ll still benefit from diving into a different dataset to the norm.

Looking forward to it.


To watch the videos for this event, check out the Enterprise DNA Event page . For any questions on the content covered in the video, please start a new topic within the forum. You may check this how-to guide for reference - How To Use The Enterprise DNA Support Forum


Where in the portal can i find this virtual event recorded? I tried to look in or are these events something else that takes a different type of membership?


Ali A

Hi @AliAhmad

You can find that here.
I hope this is helpful.