Calculation is correct, output is wrong

I have a table with calculated fields. I did the math manually and it matches an excel spreadsheet I used to validate totals but inside the table it’s not calculating right. In the example of data in the table the calculated field is for Hours. (Hours = (8-(8*.123)) * ‘Scrum Team Issues by Month’[Total Networking Days] * ‘Scrum Team Issues by Month’[Head Count] * ‘Scrum Team Issues by Month’[Allocation %])
In example row 1 it should be 75 hrs not 71. Do you have any idea what could be causing that?

The Allocation % is a calculated field taking the row level story points and dividing it by the total scrum teams monthly total points. That % is correct in the table.


I take it you have checked rounding up, i.e. 0,09 is 0,08.51?



I see what I was doing wrong with the ROUND function. Thanks - you were right that was impacting it.

Can you upload a sample pbix file?

Also, any particular reason you are using calculated columns and not measures?


It was rounding. I have it fixed now. Thanks!