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Calculation group help

Hi All,

So I’ve been playing with calculation groups and made some good progress.

I’m trying to minimise the number of measures as much as I can.

I have come stuck with a little problem that I’m hoping you can help with and push me in the right direction.

So I have created a calculation group called TimeIntelligence and populated with my measures using the SELECTEDMEASURE() approach.

What I now want to be able to do is select multiple measures at the same time. Is this possible with calculation groups?

I have been playing around with the switch and have got it working pretty well when one measure is selected but would love for the user to be able to select what they like in terms of time intelligence columns and measures.

Have attached the PBIX.Calc Group Demo.pbix (124.5 KB)

Many thanks in advance.


@haroonali1000 You mean multiple selection in Time Intelligence measures or multiple selection in Measure Total Cost, Output & Consumption?

Hi Mudassir,

Hope all is well.

Multiple selection in Measure Total Cost, Output & Consumption.

So I want to be able to select Total Cost and Output at the same time.


@haroonali1000 You can only select multiple measures if they are also in the visual(s) (Matrix Visual in this case) like this:

No other way to multiselect from both the slicers at the same time.

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Thanks Mudassir very helpful.

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