Calculating time on processing orders


Hi everyone,

It’s been some days that i’m trying to calculate some KPIs on processing client orders.

I have this table:

And I have to calculate if I acomplish the time stablished. My objective is:
Every order recieved before 13:00, must be finished same day before 23:59.
Every order recieved after 13:00, must be finished next day before 23:59.

i’ve tried to find aDAX formula, but won’t be able :frowning: , and even tried it to calculate it using custom columns, but either.

Please can anyone help me with that?

Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:


Suggest to do the work in Power Query under Transform, in the ribbon Date&Time column and with conditional columns.


I would do exactly as Paul is suggesting and break out the time into a separate column in the query editor.

This will make you like about 10 times easier with the formula.

It should be relatively straight forward once you do this.

See how you go.


You will always want separate columns for times and dates in your tables. Mainly because you’ll want to connect this table to a date table, and you can only really do that with a pure data column.