Calculating Orders with single product per period (day)

Dear Fellow Power BI Users -

I’m asking for your help to calculate the how many orders with a single product per order per period (day), the schema I have as the following:

Here is an example from real data about the case:

I draw a circle on each Order with single Item which is (9 rows), I want the results to be as the following:

Product Occurrences

Akawi Pie —> 1
Roasted Chicken Pie–> 4
Mixed Cheese Pie --> 1
Viggie Pizza Pie --> 1
Hallomi Pie --> 2
Total --------> 9

After that, I’ll draw the results to be visualized for each product.

Thank You

In this video is the exact technique to utilize.

You’ll obviously need to rearrange things slight because you need a different calculation but the pattern will be exactly the same.

Check this out and see if you can work out exactly what you need.

See how you go and let me know what you come up with

THNX , Quite cool I’ll do some practising and get back to you if I found any difficulties.