I am trying to create a measure to create table as a subset of an existing table and I am having a problem.

Attached is a jpg file with the error message at the bottom.

Any help appreciated.


Hi @PaulBoyes

Based on your Error message, it seems you are trying to create a measure using CalculateTable. Measures expects aggregated (Scalar) values as output however Calculate-table creates a Virtual table hence the error.

If you are only looking to create a table then use “Create Table” option. If measure, then use aggregations for tables like SumX,Calculate etc.

Ankit J

Hi Ankit

Thank you for your response. That makes sense now.

I was following the video that Sam did on the subject and thought I had followed it completely.

Thanks again


Hi all - based on spreadsheet below. I have the Sales data for 2019 & 2020
However I do not have the 2021 sales data.

I intend to calculate an estimate based on the prior year.
I calculated the following measures:
Sales LY
Sales TY vs LY
YoY Sales Growth

2021 Sales Budget (Column E4) should be a calculation of the YoY growth rate multiplied by the Sales LY
My question is how do I create a measure for this.

An option is to hardcode the number eg Sales Budget = [Sales LY] * 1.44
However I do not want to use hard numbers in my calculations

I also tried this measure:
Sales Budget = [Sales LY] * ( 1 + [YoY Sales Growth] ) and this did not work. The YoY sales growth came up with 0.0

Please your suggestions would be welcome

Many thanks

Hi @atin

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Request you to create a separate Ticket, so everyone can see and someone can help you.

Ankit J

Hi @ankit

No problem - will do so now.