Calculate total orders in timeframe

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Beacause I can’t find any video’s and content about TIME, I have the following question. I would like to calculate nr of total orders in a “day” with a timeframe of: 21.00 - 20.59 (24 hours). So the days have a overlapping character. The image underneath will explain my question further.

Here I have the pbix file. I hope some could help. Any help is welcome!

Timeframe total orders.pbix (126.1 KB)


Hello @NickvanDijk,

Have a look at Problem of the Week #10 - Dealing with time Periods. There are different approaches that can help you

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Alex Badiu

I created a new disconnected Time Table


Then I added the following measures:

StartDateTime = MIN('Date'[Date]) + DIVIDE( MIN('Time Table'[Hour]), 24,0) + 21/24

EndDateTime = MAX('Date'[Date]) + DIVIDE( MIN('Time Table'[Hour]), 24,0) + 21/24

Total Orders = COUNT('Order Table'[Order Nr])

Total Orders 2 = 
    VAR _StartDateTime= [StartDateTime]
    VAR _EndDateTime = [EndDateTime]
    CALCULATE([Total Orders], 
    FILTER('Order Table', 
        'Order Table'[Date Time Order]>= _StartDateTime
        MIN('Order Table'[Date Time Order])< _EndDateTime))

I marked as Date Table your Date table

And I get to the requested result. As you can see in the image below I calculate the number of orders between 5/19/2021 after 21h & 5/20/21 before 21h

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Timeframe total orders ABadiu.pbix (1015.2 KB)


Hi Nick,
I got one solution, might not be an ideal one:

1.First, create a column in the Orders table. As this is a fact table, it is not recommended when rows reach certain amounts.
Calibrated Order Date = IF(and(Orders[Order Date]=Orders[Order Date], Orders[Order Time]>=TIMEVALUE(“21:00”)), Orders[Order Date]+1,Orders[Order Date])

  1. Create an inactive relationship between Dates[Date] and Orders[Calibrated Order Date].

  2. Change Total Orders formula to the following:
    Total Orders =
    CALCULATE(COUNTROWS(Orders), USERELATIONSHIP(Dates[Date],Orders[Calibrated Order Date]))

The pbix file is attached:
Timeframe total orders_Solution1.pbix (131.6 KB)

I hope it will help.
David Cui 2021-05-20T06:00:00Z

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Hello @NickvanDijk

Solution is attached for your quick reference.

I hope this helps.

Kumail RazaTimeframe total orders.pbix (137.3 KB)

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