Button action to Web URL

I am working on a map visualization with different regions in Power BI. My requirement is when a user selects a specific region, I want them to be redirected to a web URL. My first idea was to use blank buttons and use an action to point to web URLs, but I do have 30 regions and I can not use and hide this many buttons for 30 different URLs.The other problem is buttons have static shape and when the user zooms in and out, the buttons do not follow along with this. is there any other way to do this?? my data is like region/region web url/distribution number,…

Thank you

Hi @jojo

As far as I know, power bi maps do not have this feature yet. However, you could create a “Link” button and take advantage of the filter context, therefore the user will have to click the link button.

The button action could work with the following measure:

Link = SWITCH(SELECTEDVALUE(Store[CountryRegion]),“France”,“http://www.france.com”, “Spain”=“http://www.spain.com”)

Hope. This works for you.


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Hi Diego,

This would have been an option if the report was consumed internally but for outside users it would be a two way action to execute one staff which seems pretty much easily achievable using other tools.

Thank you