Building Matrix View


I am looking to build one of the below view which is required, your help will be really appreciated.

Below is the screenshot of the view required :

Demo Data: demodata.csv.txt (6.1 KB)

I need to show company name having top 10 revenue ( top 10 company name in every grid i.e. all company having revenue in top 10 wrt to segment and stage as shown above : Segment1 and Discovery stage ) The green/amber/red icon before the company name show the status which needs to be like image icon.

Any insights on this will be really helpful . Thanks


Sorry for the delay.

From my understanding there is no standard visual which enables this type of view in Power BI.

Potentially there could be a custom visual but I’m also unaware of this currently.

I think if you want to use Power BI for this you’re going to have to utilise what’s available and maybe rethink how you can show the same information.

Check out these examples to give you some inspiration