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Budget presentation

Hi Lovely Team members from EDNA,

I have a kind favor to ask.
Issue No 1
I would like to have a measure for YTD 8 months +4 (YTD 8months / 8*12) regardless of selecting any month from month list.

Issue No 2
In my model, I have Mapping RAC and Mapping SS for different ways of presenting P&L.
I have one to many relationship with Account table Vs those Mapping tables.

In my real model, I have more than 2 ways of presenting P&L for different business unit.
Instead of having different tables for different presentations, is there any way to combine them in one dimension table together with Account table. I can then maintain only one table in SQL.
Thank you so much for your kind response.

MaskedDataBudgetQ.pbix (1.2 MB)

Hi @ammu

For Issue No 1, please provide an example of what is needed.

For Issue No 2, Relationships with Accounts are created using different fields in P&L tables.
You can append all P&L table in a single table in Power Query and create Active/Inactive Relationship using different fields and use functions like UseRelationship in Calculation.

Ankit J

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