Brand new updates to our DAX CLEAN UP tool!

Some really exciting updates now available inside our DAX Clean Up Tool

  1. Totally new formatting options. Far more optimized for longer formulas

  1. Search any DAX function right inside the DAX Clean Up tool

  1. Discover our other apps within our new AnalystHub wrapper

Excited to hear your feedback.

I personally love all these changes and updates, so glad we can now make them all available to you all



What do we all think?

I really like the ability to edit within the app itself. So if it’s not perfectly how you want it you can make some quick adjustments

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I like it a lot. Agree that the ability to edit within the app is a big plus. Also, big thumbs up on the ability to call the knowledge base and the DAX guide from within the app.

A few constructive suggestions:

Move these buttons

from the bottom of the screen, where you have to scroll to reach them every time, to the top of the screen.

Set a format rule (or a settings switch) to begin VAR code on a new line. “A” is the current default, but I think “B” is more readable.

In the DAX Guide, have a way to search by function type (e.g., table, filter, logical, string, etc.) in addition to alphabetically. I find the former is the best way to locate what I’m looking for.

Thanks very much for the tool, and the opportunity to provide feedback. Can’t wait to see the Color Theme Generator…

  • Brian
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Ok thanks Brian, will keep working on these

Also open to any more innovation possibilities.

One idea is to enable users to save formulas, creating a catalogue of formulas. Then allowing users to select from a catalogue and pre populate the editor. Just idea stage at the moment but something that could add a lot of value


Hi Sam. I really like the idea of a formula catalogue, particularly for patterns; I’ve been creating my own pattern library notes in OneNote while viewing the eDNA course videos, but a more experienced source would be great to have, especially if it had and // comments //. Thanks, Greg

Oops … typo … “…especially if it had [placeholders] and [comments] …”

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> I’ve been creating my own pattern library notes in OneNote while viewing the eDNA course videos

That’s a great idea. Would you be willing to share that file? - would love to see how you set that up.


  • Brian
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Hi @BrianJ. Sure … its very rough and incomplete, as I haven’t organized my notes in a while, but here’s my OneNote page copied into a Word file. Thanks, Greg
DAX Pattern Scratchpad.docx (21.0 KB)


@Greg, this looks very good - I’m doing something similar, but mine is more ‘old school’. I’ve actually gone back to creating note cards like I did in my college days. Color coded based on what type of information the card is covering

  • Green = M Code
  • Yellow = DAX
  • Pink = PowerBI Service (including dataflows)
  • Purple = oddities in my own dataservice (like account numbers that are only used for testing processes)
  • Blue = PowerBI Visuals

My alphabetized card file was the first thing (other than the computer) that I grabbed to take home when our office switched to work from home in March.

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@Greg - this is great. Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely going to adopt this approach as well.

@Heather - love the modern/retro combination of Power BI and a file box of color coded notecards. Kind of like seeing a horse-drawn Tesla…

  • Brian

oh @BrianJ, now you’re giving me an idea for a Steampunk cosplay. :laughing:
unfortunately, my talents don’t run toward creating cosplay, just enjoying it…

But, in all seriousness - the cards really started for the same reason I used them in college - the act of writing something down seems to better push it into memory for me.
Now that I’ve gotten past the ABC primer stage of DAX and M - it’s very useful for patterns and the odd trick. Some of what I write down is stuff I haven’t used yet - but think I want to some day.