BookMarks / Automation


Just curious to understand long terms what are you view in terms of putting other types of content on Power BI? So not so much YoutTube videos, more so vidos like Mastering Dax etc.

Have you got any plans for showing more content on

  • BookMarks ?
    Report Automation using Buttons?
    Updates on Power BI / Azure Database /

Just wondered. Thanks


Yes all good points.

I plan to cover these in the redo of the Power BI Super Users Workshop. I’m planning to complete something on this in the coming couple of months.

Azure database content maybe will be done a bit later. I have a plan to do some more work around Power BI architecture. This is where that content will most likely be covered.


Thanks Sam… I am waiting for Automation and latest techniques using power bi features.

And is there any plan related to Power Service and Admin stuff…Please let us know it will be greatfull for so many users.


Yes, I have a lot of content planned for the rest of the year. I certainly keep everyone updated when I firm up on dates for future releases.