Birthday to discontinued date of a product


Kolie Lintvelt - South Africa

As part of the product master table the birthday and discontinued dates fields available.

Please explain the best scenario how to use the above in calculating forecast or budget. The discontinued product should not contribute to the future numbers.
The prorata “new” products should by re-weighted to a full period contribution. Also note that active product blank in discontinued fields to be calculated as up to current date.

I’m new to the forum.


Hi Kolie,

I’m not really understanding what you mean here. Some images or examples would help.

What example are you working from now? Are you looking at a current tutorial?

Can you showcase some examples from a table?

I don’t think there would be too many differences, in terms of techniques from the many budgeting tutorials available, maybe just small tweaks for the products you want to analyze going forward.

The more information you provide (particular images) the easier it is to assist which specifically requests around data models and formulas