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Binning customer by year revenues using a Live Connection to tabular model

finally, my company has decided to adopt PBI as the main BI platform and moved data to a tabular database. I’m facing now a new challenge as a data consumer who’s not allowed to change the data model I’m using.
Here is my question: I have a revenue table which granularity is at the quarterly level for all the accounts. I need to bin this account by year revenue (sliced by 10M$ per fiscal year). With full access to the dataset that’s easy, but using a live connection I’m not allowed to modify or create a virtual table, just add new measures that I can eventually ask to be moved into the DB.
The live connection to a tabular database is a great thing, but it implies some limits.
I’m adding a simple Excel file to represent the issue I’m facing, but my request is more on the practical approach for this setup.

Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions.

revenues.xlsx (17.4 KB)

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Hi @EnterpriseDNA,
actually, I’m still wondering if a solution exists. Live connection to a tabular database has several restrictions and I’m surprised this is not mentioned.
Thanks and regards


@Roberto There is nothing that you can do here other than letting your SSAS admin know about your requirement.

@AntrikshSharma thanks for your reply.
I was afraid this was the answer and I hoped in some gimmick.

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