Bar Chart - X-axis = "Date" Hirachy (Fiscal Year -> Fiscal Quarter)

I have created a Line Chart showing the Firm Count of Cases Vs Count of Cases for Sector (all Firms in same sector).

I use the “Date” in X-axis, eg. Fiscal Year, and drill down to Fiscal Quarter.

I found the Yearly Chart, the X-axis by Fiscal Year is sorted by default in ascending order While the quarterly line chart is sorted in descending order. I would like both yearly and quarterly to be sorted in descending. Would you please advise how to achieve this? Thank you.

Which sorting have you completed to the actual column from your table?

If you sort this correctly then I don’t think it should be a problem.

Check out this tutorial for what I mean.

It’s likely that you may need to create a supporting column here just for the sorting.

This example is around financial years, but it’s exactly the same idea for what you need here