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Bar chart with no sequential data

Hi all,

I need your help to overcome this task.
I really don’t know how to do it.

Sample.pbix (455.8 KB)



Hi @JoaoMonteiro

There are no data in your PBIX file, look like DirectQuery mode

Hi @jbressan

I think now its OK
Could you check, please.

Sample.pbix (440.4 KB)


Hi @JoaoMonteiro

I not know sure but I understand you want to calculate Total Active Employees, I’m hope this measure will be useful for you!!

Total No of Active Employees = 
VAR CurrentDate =
    MAX ( 'Date'[Date] )
VAR ActiveEmployees =
        COUNTROWS ( RpgResources ),
        ALL ( 'Date' ),
        'Date'[Date] <= CurrentDate,
        ISBLANK ( RpgResources[ExitDate] )
            || RpgResources[ExitDate] >= CurrentDate
VAR Result =
    IF ( YEAR ( CurrentDate ) <= YEAR ( TODAY () ), ActiveEmployees )

Sample - JoseBressan.pbix (443.5 KB)

Hi @jbressan

Unfortunately I didn’t explain myself well and the solution you presented me is not what I need.
Imagine that I want the headcount for January 2018.
The calculation for this head count is all rows that fulfill the requirements:

  • Start Date less than 1 January 2018 and End Date greater than 31 January

On the image I have a better explanation.