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Backup, Test and Production

I was just wondering what if any, system/methodology/software you use for PowerBI development in business?.

I.E. Do you just have a folder structure for say, backups, Testing, and another for Production(i.e. used by the business)… etc.

Or another way/software?. Preferably free. Also, what are the benefits of using your solution?.


Hi @marcster_uk,

Paul Turley has done an article that is worth reviewing, here is the link.

I hope this is helpful.

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Hi @Melissa, interesting read. Currently I just use a network folder structure for this. Thinking of migrating to put it all in SharePoint Online, and take advantage of check in/out and version control.


We’ve started using Azure DevOps for managing development and production on our larger, more complex projects. There’s an enormous range of features and capabilities for tracking full lifecycle development, but at this point we are primarily using the “Boards” portion, which is great for logging requirements, assigning tasks,/priorities/resources, tracking bug fixes and change requests, etc.

It has nice built in dashboarding capabilities to give progress snapshots, and has been really useful for us for documenting the overall development process. It’s free for open source projects and small groups (five users or less) and has a pretty reasonable charge per month if your team is larger than five.

Definitely worth checking out IMO, and if you’re a full Office 365 shop, it integrates very nicely with that.

Hope this is helpful.

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@marcster_uk This may be a less orthodox use case, but we have found it helpful to take out our transformed model data sets as a document retention/backup step so we can preserve our full view of the world today for comparison to our view of the world a month from now. For that we’ve been using DAX Studio to take out some of our model tables as .csv files. To my knowledge that is a free solution.

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Thanks all. Interesting points. I’ll have a web search to see what else is out there…

If you turn up anything of intrest, just add it to the thread :wink:
Thanks @marcster_uk

Indeed :slight_smile:.

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