Average store performance % against multiple measures optimization

Hey Guys,

I’ve managed to get an average performance against all stores based on multiples measures by joining a few techniques and i wanted to know if any of you had a more simple approach to achieving the below (if there is one).

The variables provide the performance vs the target for given area.

There’s certainly a bit to this the total measure with this one, but it does feel like the right technique.

I’m making this judgement without knowing the full details around the data, but it definitely looks like the overall technique to take in all the different variations at play probably is the right way to go.

It seems like you’re dealing with a number of BLANK values? Do you feel all those are necessary?

Sometimes to make sure that you get the calcs AND the totals correct you do need to write out longer formulas like this one, so to me I’m feeling that it’s probably the most optimzed way you can do it currently.

One other way you could simplify the formula though (and I would probably do this) is have you variable as other measures and branch out to this formula.

This is personal preference, but I like the measure branching approach because it’s more versatile and you can easily use the formula in many more calculations without having to repeat them as variable everytime.

Hopefully there’s some ideas you can work with.