Average Price Vs Individual price

Hi All,

Confusing myself with Averages.

I have a table with X amounts of clients and Prices for various days.

In a table i wanted to do the price per the table for each client on any date less the average price for all clients.

I was using the below and have tried a variety of averages but am getting myself more confused

CALCULATE([Calculated Price],All(‘Parent Mapping’[Parent]))

Help would be appreciated to stop me going crazy…

Please attach a PIBX File. I believe Averagex will help.

Hi Piryani,

Apologies that was lazy of me. I have thrown a rough example in the attached. I know the attached is not correct but i didnt want to include the mess that i had made ; )

Averages_Example.pbix (19.1 KB)

Hi guys did that make sense- Help would be massively appreciated

Something like this?
Average Price = AVERAGEX( ALLSELECTED( ‘Table’ ), ‘Table’[Price] )

Thanks but slight amendment (still average based) - Someone has changed their mind what they require on my side

I need to calculate the average price per week per client (if quantity is <>0) less the average price for all clients (Where quantity <>0)

I have managed to get to the following:

(A) Weekly Average (ALL clients) = calculate(AVERAGE(Data[ Price]),ALLEXCEPT(Data,Date_Table[Week of Year]))

(B) Weekly Average (Client) = calculate(AVERAGE(Data[Price]),ALLEXCEPT(Data,‘Parent Mapping’[Parent],Date_Table[Week of Year]))

A-B equals the weekly average for all clients less the weekly average for selected client)

The issue now is that i only want to use the price in both calculations where quantity <>blank/0

Thanks for the help all - Averages are not my strong point. You could say im below Average :wink:

Sorry guys - Anyone able to assist. Just need to say in above formula

Only price in average if quantity <> 0 / blank


Figured it out guys with an If statement. Im all good now

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