Average Completed Courses


Originally I had an Average Course Take Rate formula of:

Average Course Take Rate = AVERAGE(‘Completed Courses’[Completed Courses])

Then I realized that the number remained the same even when I would change the academic year so I knew something had to be wrong with using that formula. so it showed 3.76 as the average course rate for all 5 academic years.

Now I have the Average Course Take Rate Formula Of:

Average Course Take Rate = [Total Registrations]/[Unique Registered Student]

[Total Registrations] = SUM(‘WW Registrations’[Course Registration])
[Unique Registered Student] = COUNTROWS(VALUES(‘WW Registrations’[Student ID]))

Which now responds appropriately to the academic year filter when changing from one year to another. But I feel as though I am missing something but I can’t put my finger on exactly what. I appropriately want the formula to take the average number of registrations (courses taken) per year by students.

I think its an evolution in my learning as well about DAX and using measures in the formulas instead of always using the source columns directly.


To me it sounds like this is all to do with the model and the filters/context that is being applied to your calculation before it happens.

Check this video here about how DAX works in it’s simpliest form as some revision - http://portal.enterprisedna.co/courses/108877/lectures/2000595

The next 4-5 videos in this module also covering all variations in details.