Append - new data not appended


I have 2 queries. Basically combining 2 Company divisions. Query A and Query B. Both of these files are sourced from excel files. I have APPENDED Query B to Query A in the query editor. All the data from my original APPEND is in place as expected

I have now added new data for the next month to Query B however the refresh does append the new data from Query B and add to Query A I can see the new data is leaded into B query in the query editor and the desktop The APPEND is performing as if it is a one and done action.

Any Suggestions.


Have you checked that all columns are the exact same in Query A and Query B ? with no spaces i think in your fields?? Append in the power Query Editor will only work if the columns are the same I am pretty sure.

Also, if you want want probably easier within Power Query editor to use the function Table.Combine. So you want to Combine Query A and B together?? paste below function into the Custom Function tab.
Table.Combine({QueryA, QueryB})


just testing this - and no error have been found. seems to work fine.


Thanks for the quick reply. Will implement the custom column suggestion!