Anonymizing Data For Assistance Request


Are there any easy ways to annomymize the data in my PBIX files so that I can share it and request insight to particular challenges I come across?

Often when I run into a problem it’s on a dataset which I am unable to share outside my company and I haven’t been able to find an easy way to the data for random filler data.

How do you handle this challenge?

Thank you!

Hello, I’m also struggling with that issue, as far i know there is no function, what i usually do is to create a simple excel file, just containing the really necessary information, deleting all “names” and continue with a few “find and replace”

Not the best way but at least save, and it makes it easier to understand for other




The best thing to do here is just to branch out your scenario into a separate file.

You could filter down your data to a very small amount and then export it to excel, then reload it into another model and setup the scenario exactly the same as what you are seeing.

The reality is that the techniques are usually exactly the same, you can just have 1% or 0.01% of the data. It will still be exactly the same solution.


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