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Analyse in Excel - Pivottabel Drillthrough

Hi guys,

So Management wants to keep using Pivots (and the underlying data in tables) in Excel.
I have made some datasets in PBI and they were published to the workspaces in the PBI service. Then I did the Analyze in Excel and I made some pivottable reports that are connected to these datasets. So far so good.

Now if I drillthrough (doubleclick) on let’s say the grand total of the pivottable, Excel opens a new sheet that contains the “raw data” of that total (more or less, because of the measure used in the pivottable was distinctcount, then it allso includes the doubles in the “raw data”).

Problem is that the “Raw data” doesn’t seem to include the columns that I used to build the relationships in the original dataset (ex. postalcode in the Factsales table wont show in the drillthrough data of total sales, because postalcode has a relationship with DIMTABLE “Adress”. I use some dimensions of this Dimtable Adress on the rows of the pivottable).

Is this a know issue in Excel/Analyze in Excel ?

Can I solve this with an option somewhere ?

Kind regards,

Have you tried :
Create a PivotTable from Power BI datasets - Excel (

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I Solved it myself by just adding a Calculated Column which contains the colom where the relationship is made…so essentially making a copy…
then on drillthrough in Analyze in Excel you see that column…