Alternate Calculations

Hi Fellow Power BI Users -

I am working with a matrix where the columns are week numbers and the row are Finished Good Items.
The measure is Quantity.

At the end of the columns, to the right of the Total, I’d like to add 3 more columns that represent the Mean, Std Deviation and coefficient of variant for their respective rows. I already have those calcs, I just don’t know how to add them after the column total. In other word, I don’t want those 3 Measures to repeat under each week.

Do you have anything published that can teach me how to do this?


Unfortunately I’m not sure this is actually possible.

Maybe I’m wrong and there’s been a recent update but I haven’t been able to do this myself yet.

It’s quite similar to the financial analysis report I’ve created. The matrix only work up until a point and then it’s hard to take it further for unique requirements.

I think you may have to create a new table with just those measures or alternatively attempt to get everything into a table. I know this isn’t an ideal scenario.

Personally I would go for the additional table right next to the matrix. I think you could make it look pretty integrated.


Thanks Sam. I was worried you were going to say that but, thanks for the alternative idea. You’re the best.