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Alert for each product not sold after x days?

Hi there,

I would like to have an alert for each product that is not sold after a certain number of days. How can I do this in Power BI?

There has to be a way using DAX to collect (summarize) all products that fall into this bucket and store the details in a new table and maybe use Power Automate to email an alert listing all the products. The best case scenario would be to have this automated.

I am not familiar with Power Automate, so I’ll need some guidance with this.

Alert By (128.7 KB)

Hello @powerbideveloper,

I’m not an expert but maybe below is helpful;

I added the calculation of the max average, which you can add as a tile to a dashboard.
Then set an alert once this tile reaches a certain threshold of days.
Then you could add a flow so you receive an email, maybe even an extract of the site.
I’m not sure though this would trigger everytime a new product hits the threshold or if you need to clean your inventory first of the old product before it would trigger again.

Alert function of dashboards which is available for certain tiles:
Dashboard alerts

Trigger an email notification:
Power BI Alert to Email template

There are also more options to trigger actions directly from the alarm in automate but I haven’t used this yet and would need to have a look into it myself.

Hope this somewhat leads you into the right direction, maybe there is also a smarter solution someone more experienced can comment on.


Alert By Product.pbix (119.1 KB)

Thanks Seb, I will try your suggestions out and see if it leeds to a solution, and keep you updated.

I actually have the Power Automate email part working and am working on the data part, so we’ll see if this works.

I will try to find a solution for this one.

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Hi @Slipper! What do you mean by: “from the alarm in automate”?


Hi Mark,

I was referring to the option to trigger additional actions in power automate through the alert:
Snippet 1


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We’ve created something similar, well we are just going through testing it but seems promising.

We created a report in Paginated Reports

Anything that has been in stock for 10+ is on the report.

Power Automate will iterate through each customer and email them a report listing each item in stock over 10 days.