Advanced Secondary Table Logic -


I am vert confused as to why my grouping logic is not working.
I am grouping on Profit Margin, High, Mid, Low. But when i select a filter for 2017, it shows some customer names as 29%, when the High profit margin start from 36% to 90%

Page 2, similar issue

Not sure if this is my technique i am getting wrong.
You make this look easy on the videos but when doing it - can really confuse things up.
If you dont mind giving me your advice on what i am doing wrong.
Appreciated in advance

V8.SecondaryTables Logic.pbix (1.6 MB)

An easy solution to this is to create another measure using SWITCH. Here is a photo of what a page a created looks like. I went into the bar chart and did conditional formatting on the bars according to each group.

Here is the SWITCH measure:

I think this is a quick and easy solution, but it is not the only option out there. That is what makes Power BI great!



Hi Ojones!
Thank for the response on this
Yes Switch is great and i generally use this as seen below, this was actually my original workings.

The problem with this is u cannot put the Grouping as a Legend which is why the file i sent i used a segmentation pattern Sam shows. This problem i am facing is the grouping logic for Profit Margin is fine, but when u have a filter for year (select 2017), the logic is still odd. Thinking maybe i need to use ISFILTERED?