Advanced Data Transformations & Modeling >> 27 Intermediary tables

Advanced Data Transformations & Modeling >> 27 Intermediary tables

I found there was some kind of discontinuity as I have watched the entire series.

I found that till 26 Measure Group the video I can follow but suddenly COUNTRY and 2016 Regional Budget into came in Data Model.

Although using your video, I am able to create a new COUNTRY table.

  1. But for the 2016 Regional Budget, I get this error. I have downloaded your Advanced Data Transformations & Modeling.pbix file as reference.

    DAX comparison operations do not support comparing values of type Text with values of type Integer. Consider using the VALUE or FORMAT function to convert one of the values.

Any advice, please.

Both of the mentioned tables are covered in a prior video before these.

See below

The correct formula to use if referred to in the below video at 6:40:

The error you’re getting is likely to do with your year column being a TEXT field rather than a numeric one. If you change it over it should work fine with the formula given.


Thank you so much Sam.

  • I did not download that video locally and that why I got confused. Thanks for the reply on that video

  • Thanks for your suggestion about formula. Appreciate it.