Adding Monthly Slicer to the Financial Reports

Dear all,

I am looking to re-create the financial reporting report that Sam has created for my business. The report is really useful and will replace our excel reporting for Monthly Management Accs… We use an ERP where the reporting is terrible and crystal really doesn’t give us the dynamic solutions we need.

I am still learning the DAX side of things, and will be doing that module today! but in the FR reported created by same the only slicer is on years, and I want to add months. It seems to work on the Income Statement, but not Balance sheet- is there a reason for this?

On dates, the date query included helps create a date table which seems to allow you to set a start month for financial year. I put this in as 7, as my year starts in July, but the table produced shows July as month 7 rather than 1. Do I need to change the actual query?

Thanks for all the help,


It’s definitely possible to create a monthly context within any of those tables. If you set up your date table correctly all you should really need to do is add the month context.

If you want to change the sort order to that of the financial years then you need to create a new index column. The current index column particular date query is set for the actual month. That’s why you need to create a new column with a financial year monthly index .

Check out the below YouTube video for ideas on this.