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Actuals/Budgets: row context not getting detected

Good morning. Could someone please help me with the dax for Budgets? It is not picking up the context of month. I know my model structure is not ideal (for example I’d really prefer a “Actuals/Budget” column and have everything in one table). But unfortunately, this is what I have to work with.

Budget:= CALCULATE( SUMX(Budgets, Budgets[BudgetAmount]) )


@michellepace Your Date table is not connected to your Budget table that’s causing a filter propagation issue. Try connecting the Dates with Dates in Budget table. Moreover, you can also look at the following video by @JarrettM to build relationship in your model


Here are two sets of eDNA search results that will be helpful to you in resolving this problem. While I can’t say for certain in this case, since you provided only a general data model rather than specific data, typically in this situation the challenge is dealing with the granularity mismatch between actual data (typically on a daily level) and budgets (typically on a monthly, quarterly or even annual basis).

The dynamic budget allocation methodology from the first set of videos will allow you to resolve this granularity problem, and the second set will walk through how to use TREATAS to implement the virtual relationships needed to achieve the result you want.

I hope this is helpful.

– Brian

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Good morning Mudassir and Brian,

> Your Date table is not connected to your Budget table that’s causing a filter propagation issue.

Thank you both very much for your replies and apologies for not getting back t you sooner. My issue was resolved by this! Which is completely obvious when you think about it :slight_smile: . Thanks very much.

(and thank you for the references!!)

Best wishes,

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