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Access the Available Hours and bring accross to Tktable to calculate a measure!


@melissa thanks for this. It makes sense what you provided and I was able to apply it. However I have another table which I have added called EmployeeclusterTeams and basically in Tktable I want to add a column next to it called “Cluster” based on the transdate. So I want to be able to look at the transdate in Tktable and compare it to “CustPreviousteamstartdate” and “CustPreviousteamenddate” in the EmployeeClusterTeamstable. If the transdate is between these two dates I want to return the “Original Cluster” column in EmployeeClusterTeams if not I want to return the “Current Team”.

Here is a screenshot of my expected result for Employee 253

I have attached an xlsx for your perusual.

Really appreciate your help in advance.


ScenarioDNA.xlsx (5.7 MB)

Hi @ambepat,

I’d be happy to look into this for you but since it’s a new question. Could you please mark this thread as solved and create a new topic for it, thanks!

@Melissa sure will do now.