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Question on General Power BI - Lock Down Object

I usually use the lock down object option in my power bi dashboards so users can not accidentally move around the objects and mess up the view but I realized that feature applies to only the objects on the dashboard.
I also didn’t want users to be able to change existing formulas, edit any written text etc but realized the lock down object can not prevent this from happening.
I would like to know if there is any way of preventing any changes or editing by users and consumers of my power bi desktop file.



Hello Sam,

I would like to design in Power BI the below model template report for Budgeting & Forecasting step by step from the beginning (raw data excel):

"Variance Analysis"

- Data (Product, Customer, Sales Channel etc)

- Time Period (Year, Quarter, Month)

- Figures Numbers (Actual, Budget, Estimate, Last Year)

- Variances (vs Budget, vs Estimate, vs LY) - absolute numbers

- Variances (vs Budget, vs Estimate, vs LY) - percentages

Which course do you suggest to me, as the appropriate, to attend that it matches perfect with the above one?